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Mike lives and works in Carrboro, NC where he and his wife, author/illustrator Clay Carmichael, maintain the Heartworks Studio.

      "I've been making art since I was small, it's what I came in hard-wired to do. Working with steel satisfies me in a way that no other medium has. It is tough and durable, yet maleable and open to infinite suggestion. It is heavy and obdurate, and yet can be made to express delicate movements of balance and grace. It can appear earthen and solid, or be polished to light-refracting brilliance. My work follows the notions of my thoughts. I don't often sketch ideas in advance: the bars, angles, torch, and welder are my drawing tools. All I need is a hook, some mental picture of an interesting direction to explore and I begin.

       "I like to be surprised with what I come up with at the end of the day. Creativity is a journey where knowlege must be accumulated and employed in a seamless cycle. It fills in gaps of what I don't know in seemingly random ways, but only because I can't foresee everything that will be required to resolve the current problem. Then, inevitably, several onward courses will beckon. I'll choose what to me seems the most interesting way forward. That's the key, not what just moves you to completion, but what makes the journey a lively, memorable trek. I've learned as I have gotten older, and maybe some wiser, to talk less and work more. That's where the truly interesting conversation is taking place."




  Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude, University of Maryland, 1985, Major in Studio Art; Concentrations in drawing, sculpture and printmaking




  Over the last years I have cultivated a regular cycle of shows that I participate in annually. These include:

Sculpture Celebration, The Caldwell Arts Council, Lenoir, NC

                               Participation since 1996

                                          Norma Suddreth Merit Award, 2009  "The Answer, My Friend", and "Hypnotica"

                                          Best in Show, 2005 "Air Guitar"

                                          Purchase Award,  2004 “Etude”

                                          Patron’s Purchase Award, 2003 “Norma’s Flora”

                                          Judge’s Merit Award, 2002 “Inner Whirled”

                                          Judge’s Merit Award, 2000 “Tuning Fork”

                                          Patron’s Purchase Award, 1997 “Dancing Altar”

                                          Michaux-Sturgis Award, 1996 “Raven Runes”

                                          Patron’s Purchase Award, 1996 “Double Helix Fountain”


Sculpture In The Garden, The North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill, NC

                     Participation since 1997

                                         Merit Award, 2007 "Atmospherics I"

                                          Best In Show, 2006 "Skylines"

                                          First Place,  2005 "The Watchtower"                              

                                          First Place,  2004 “Yo-Yo’s Muse

                                          Merit Award, 2003 “Whirled Peace

                                          First Place, 2002 “Fisher King

                                          Best In Show, 2000 “Voluptuary


Sculpture Exhibitions Sponsored by the Chapel Hill Arts Commision, Chapel Hill, NC

                    Participation since 2000

                                          Sculpture Visions, 20011-2012"The Watchtower"

                                          Sculpture Visions, 20010-2011"Oculaire"

                                          Sculpture Visions, 2008-2010 (extended installation) "Cloud Lasso"

                                          Summer Select, 2002 “Contraposto”

                                          Merit Award, 2001 “Out to Sea,” 2nd Annual Sculpture on the


                                          Summer Select, 2001 “Out to Sea”

                                          Merit Award, 2000 “Generator No. 1,” Sculpture on the Green

Art In The Gardens, The Sandhills Horticultural Society, Pinehurst, NC

                            Participation since 1998

                                          First Prize, 2011 "What In the Whirled"

                                          Purchase for the Permanent Collection, 2005 "Three Ring Cirrus"

                                          People’s Choice Award, 2004 “Fisher King

                                          Purchase for the Permanent Collection, 2004 “Axis of Agape

                                          People’s Choice Award, 2001 “Whirlybird”

                                          Artist’s Choice Award, 1998 “Luna”

Orange County and Chatham County Open Studio Tours, Chapel Hill, NC

                           Participation since 1995

                                         Through the years I have been part of these annual tours,

                                         depending on where I have lived. Through these shows literally

                                         hundreds of my sculptures have found homes in area private  




2011 Sculpture Invitational, Let the Great Whirled Spin, Mount Union College, Alliance, Ohio

2010 Dogwoods Arts Festival, Best in Show, Flow Mojo, Knoxville, Tn.

2010 4th Biennial Sculpture Exhibition, Air Guitar, Chattanooga, Tn.

2010 Sculpture Walk IV, Portal, Kingsport, Tn.

2009 A Couple of Artists, Two person Show with Clay Carmichael, author/illustrator and wife,

         The Community Church of Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC.

2008 Creative Wilmington Downtown Solo Exhibit, "Four Sculptures by Mike Roig," Wilmington, NC.

2008 Cary Visual Art's Temporary Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, "Air Guitar," winner of the grand prize. Cary, NC.  

2008 Dogwood Festival Downtown Sculpture Exhibition, Knoxville, Tn.

 2007 Dogwood Festival Downtown Sculpture Exhibition, Knoxville, Tn.  

 2007 Kingsport Walking Tour of Sculpture, "Yo-Yo's Muse" purchased from show for permanent city collection. Kingsport, Tn.

 2007 Jackson Union Sculpture Tour, Jackson, Tn.

 2007 Festival Park Sculpture, Fayetteville Museum of Art, Fayetteville, NC.

 2006 2nd International Juried Exhibition, Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum, Hamilton,



 2005 19th Rosen Sculpture Competition, Rosen Award Winner for "Yo-Yo's Muse," Appalachian State Universtiy, Boone,


  2005 Fayetteville Museum of Art, 33d Annual Competition, First Prize for "Cloud Lasso,"

           Fayetteville, NC

  2004 Art In Place, Great Eastern Management Prize for “Whirled Peace,” 


  2004 Carolina Quarterly, featured visual artist in University of North Carolina’s 

           literature publication, Chapel Hill, NC

  2002 Art/Spirit/Art, The James Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence at the

           University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

  2002 5000 Flowers, Memorializing 9/11, Chapel Hill Museum, Chapel Hill, NC

  2000 Seeds Community Arts Project, Seeds Community Garden, Durham, NC

  2000 For the Birds, Niche Gardens, Chapel Hill, NC

  1999 Metall.Mettle Two-Artist Show, Bradiggin’s Arts Gallery, Hillsborough NC

  1999 One Man Show, Art Center Gallery, Carrboro, NC

  1999 Sculpture from Recycled Landfill Materials, Orange County Recycling and the

           Orange County Arts Commission, Chapel Hill, NC

  1998 Figures and Fauna, Horace Williams House, Chapel Hill, NC

  1998 Purchase Award, for “Pressure Release,” Public Gallery of Carrboro, Carrboro,


  1997 Men At Work, Forum and Function Gallery, Raleigh, NC

  1996-97 Emerging Artists Grant, Durham Arts Council, Durham, NC


University of Kansas Hospital - "Triune," Kansas City, Kansas 2011

City of Knoxville - "Flow Mojo," Knoxville, Tn. 2010

City of Kingsport - "The Answer, My Friend," Kingsport, Tn. 2010

The Community Church of Chapel Hill - "Got My Mojo Working," Chapel Hill, NC, 2009.  

City of Kingsport - "Yo-Yo's Muse," Kingsport, Tn. 2008

City of Raleigh - "Glimpses of the Promised Land," sculpture commissioned for the City

       by the Raleigh Arts Commission, Chavis Park, Raleigh, NC, 2006.


  City of Charlottesville - "Whirled Peace," sculpture purchased by the city for permanent,

       public installation, Charlottesville, Va. 2005.  

  Onandaga Community College - "Here Comes the Sun," sculpture purchased for the

      permanent collection at the campus, Syracuse, NY, 2005.

  Onandaga Community College - "Whirled Peace, Improved," sculpture purchased for the

      permanent collection at the campus, Syracuse, NY, 2005.

  Sandhills Community College - "Three Ring Cirrus," Campus Collection, Pinehurst,

       NC, 2005.

  Sandhills Community College - "Bob Dylan's Oracle," Campus Collection, Pinehurst,

       NC, 2004.

  Residential Services - "Turn, Turn, Turn," Greeting sculptural gong and chimes for their

       sponsored retirement home people with special needs, Durham, NC, 2004.

  Sandhills Horticultural Society - "Axis of Agape," Visiter's Center Grounds, Pinehurst,

       NC, 2004.

  Public/Private Partnership: City of Lenoir, Caldwell Arts Council, Private Donors –

      "West Wind Sentinel,”  GatewaySculpture to the City, Highway 321, Lenoir, NC,


  Town of Chapel Hill - “Promethean Honor Guard,” Inaugural project for Chapel Hill’s

      percent for art program. Firehouse No. 5 Chapel Hill, NC, 2002

  The Public Gallery of Carrboro - “Tintinnabulation,” Public Sculpture, Weaver Street,

       Carrboro, NC, 2001

  The Chapel Hill Zen Group - Ceremonial Bell Installation, Chapel Hill, NC, 2000.

  The Arts Center - Entry figures for new signage, Carrboro, NC, 1999.

  Weaver Street Market - “Pressure Release,” purchased from the exhibition "Art on

        Weaver Street" and installed in custom built fountain basin, Carrboro, NC, 1998.

        Refitted with cascading spillway and unified into one cohesive sculptural fountain,


   Shepherd House - Commission for illuminated sculpture at the entry for elder housing,

       Carrboro, NC, 1998.

   Chapel Hill Unitarian Universalistic Fellowship - Sculpture commission for central

       altarpiece, Chapel Hill, NC, 1996.  

   Moore County Office Park - Sculpture commission, Pinehurst, NC.,1990.





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