Mike Roig, Sculpture

Looking Up


Sometimes it's just about art.

Sometimes it's not.

This has become the most photographed piece in my home exhibition space. The neighborhood school kids call him "Obamahead."

I had launched into the creation of this sculpture intending only to play on the idea of a modern Easter Island monument.

Wall Street was in melt down and I came to interpret this evolving sculpture as an allusion to those modern masters

of our world creating their own Easter Island moment. Yet the moment I placed it in the yard the questions

began as to whether it was supposed to be Obama. Since it suited my hopes in the coming

election I decided to not discourage this interpretation and buck the zeitgeist of the times.

Nevertheless I think this amply demonstrates that creation by the artist is one journey,

and the life of the piece of art in the eye of its beholders is a whole other

creative adventure. I call him “Looking Up,”

and leave the door open to further interpretation.

Dimensions:   Height: 9'      Width: 3'       Depth: 5'

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